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This website theorises that the Cro-Magnon race originated from Skandinavia not middle Europe, France like many people today believe. We believe the characteristics that Europeans have such as white skin , light hair and eyes would have been suited to a more colder climate than France . Our theory points to Norway (the Steinkjer region) as a place of origin for the Cro-Magnon race. Skandinavia is known for its cold climate, snowy conditions and lack of light during the year. We Believe the Steinkjer region is the place of origin as it is surrounded by mountains making it completey isolated from the rest of the world and therefore enabled a seemingly pure group of people to evolve. It is likely that 65,000 years past before the first homosapiens (Negroes) develped into Cro-Magnons. Cro-Magnon skeltons found in Europe have been carbon dated to 35,000 years old. The Ice Age started 20,000 years ago and ended 10,000 years ago. The Cro-Magnons therefore left Skandinavia well before the Ice Age took hold. They were given the name 'Cro-Magnon' because in 1868, parts of five skeletons were discovered in the rockshelter of that name, located in the famous Dordogne Valley of France. Cro-Magnons were skilled hunters, toolmakers and artists.

Pictured: The original Homosapiens (Negroid)

Modern humans first appeared in Africa around 100,000 years ago. The modern humans I describe are very similar to todays Negroids. They havent changed much if at all.

Modern humans (Negroids) migrated out of the continent of Africa around 100,000 years ago.

The view of scientists is that modern humans left Africa between 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. We believe it was more likely at the 100,000 year period as this would be what was needed for Negroes to turn into modern Cro-Magnons.

(Pictured A possible route they took out of Africa to Scandinavia)

They probably reached Northern Europe (Scandinavia) a few years later.

They settled in Scandinavia. Probably where arrow is pointed behind mountain range (Completely isolated).

This is near where the city of Steinkjer is now in Nord Trondelag county.

Of course the negroids moved around the globe and settled in places forming other races at the same time.

In Scandinavia they evolved to suit the environment developing light hair and eyes and white skin. Some people have suggested that they developed these features as camouflage or it could also be because of the lack of sunlight in scandinavia for a large part of the year.

Vitamin D plays an important role in bone growth and the body's natural protection against certain diseases, and the inability to absorb enough in areas of less-powerful sunlight would have decreased life expectancies in our African ancestors. The further north they trekked, the more vitamin D they needed and the lighter they got over the generations, due to natural selection.

(An artists depiction of Cro-Magnon man)

The Ice Age

The Cro-Magnons had left Scandinavia long before the Ice age took hold. Ice age started 20,000 years ago and ended 10,000 years ago. Cro magnon skeletons in Europe are 35,000 years old. Cleary they had left There Norwegian enclave long before it happened.

Cro magnon skeletons have been found in Europe they are carbon dated at around 35,000 years old.

That gives approximatley 65,000 years of evolution for the African humans (Negroids) to develop into Cro-Magnons.

(Cro-Magnons skull - The original "Old man of Crô-Magnon", Musée de l'Homme, Paris)

Questions and Answers:

Q. How do you know they had light hair and eyes?

A. These traits in present day Europeans must have come from somewhere they are a evoloutionary mutation to suit the environment. That enviroment was likely one where there is a lack of light for a large part of the year thats why we point to Norther Europe (Scandinavia).

Q. Why do you think that they came from behind that mountain range in Norway in that enclave?

A. For a true race to develop they must have been in total isolation. This is the logical place for them to evolve. Mountains act as natural barriers in isolation.

Q. Why does all the other sources of information I have found say Cro magnons originated from France Europe

A. Its because thats where there skeletons where found.




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